Job Description:

LYON (Honolulu, Hawaii Office) has an immediate opening for a full-time junior- to mid-level Environmental Scientist to work on environmental compliance and planning projects. LYON's Environmental Professionals provide a diverse range of research, field work and multi-media sampling in preparation of technical documents for clients and regulatory agencies.


  1. Project coordination and scheduling assistance to Project Managers.
  2. Prepare technical documents for submission to clients and regulatory agencies, including: Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA); Hazardous Site Assessments (ESA);Hazardous Site Assessments and Remediation (Brownfields); Hawaii Environmental Protection Act Environmental Impact Assessment process (CATEX, EA and EIS); National Environmental Protection Act Environmental Impact Assessment process; and NPDES Compliance Documents.
  3. Engage in field work, including: site investigations; soil, groundwater and air sampling; calibration and operation of field screening equipment; and preparing sampling logs and site visit reports.
  4. Work collaboratively with technical, marketing and accounting staff to generate proposals for new business opportunities.
  5. Assist with client management and engagement activities and represent LYON at promotions, awards and/or conferences, as needed.
  6. Research, contribute and adopt industry best-practices to encourage continued improvement.


  1. Bachelor's Degree or higher in Environmental Science, Biology, Geology, Chemistry, or other related field.
  2. 3+ years of relevant professional experience providing environmental services and knowledge of local, state, and federal environmental regulations and agencies.
  3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Ability to work effectively in multi-cultural team environment.
  5. Advanced computer literacy (e.g. MS Office).
  6. Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment with superior attention to detail, under tight deadlines.
  7. Demonstrated ability to follow direction and work independently, as well as, in a team environment.
  8. Flexibility and sense of humor.

Preferred skills:

  1. Completion of 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER

LYON is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a diverse and unique work environment conducive to professional and personal growth, a comprehensive benefits package and contemporary workplace policies. Compensation based on experience.



Job Description:

LYON (Honolulu, Hawaii Office) has immediate openings for several full-time Project Managers with experience leading projects in the field of:

  1. Civil Infrastructure Design
  2. Environmental Planning and Community Development
  3. Construction Management of Airport Pavement or Building Projects

The Project Managers will be responsible to supervise and have budgetary authority for civil engineering or environmental projects. And serve as the principal project administrator and communications link between the firm and the:

  1. Client,
  2. LYON- design teams,
  3. Local, State, and Federal Regulatory agencies, and
  4. General Construction Contractor.

The projects will range in size and location. The project manager must be able to travel locally, domestically, as well as internationally.


A. Technical Responsibilities:

1. General:

  1. Be completely versed in the firm-client contract for the project, and of the client's objectives. Satisfy client's goals.
  2. Analyze the project scope, the client's RFP and LYON's fee proposal. Organize the work on the project and set forth the procedures to be employed in accomplishing the project. Coordinate civil work with project Architect if LYON is a Sub-consultant).
  3. Be the one point-of contact for all incoming and outgoing project information. Ensure proper distribution of project information to all project team members and sub-consultants.
  4. Contract for the services of outside consultants when required.
  5. Administer the design budget.
  6. Develop and monitor the project design schedule to meet Client and firm time objectives.
  7. Notify the Client of changes in project scope, and prepare estimates for additional design fees.
  8. Keep the Client, LYON's Design Chief and Accounting Department informed on the status of the project.
  9. Develop and monitor the Client's construction budget and schedule. Identify long lead items and proposed form of construction contract as easily as possible.
  10. Attend project meetings, as necessary.
  11. Establish documentation and administrative organization for the project
  12. Travel off-island to project sites/other LYON offices may be required.

2. Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Engineering Design Phase:

  1. Schedule design meetings with the Client and LYON Design staff, Sub-consultants and others as needed.
  2. Require detailed QC of design drawings and specifications by production staff in remote offices
  3. Prepare and finalize the Basis of Design for the project.
  4. Arrange for preliminary construction estimates.
  5. Coordinate design presentations with Sub-consultants (and the project Architect).
  6. Consult with all appropriate government agencies and determine appropriate permitting or design input needed prior to finalizing construction drawings and specifications.
  7. Determine what codes and regulations are applicable to the project; determine what permits, licenses and authorizations will be required and how each is to be secured.
  8. Arrange for pre-bid estimates.
  9. Review contract documents with appropriate public officials.
  10. Attend community meetings and/or hearings, as necessary; ensure that all government approvals are obtained.
  11. Perform independent review of all contract drawings and specifications for completeness, correctness and coordination.
  12. Coordinate and schedule LYON QA/QC reviews of construction bid documents.
  13. Oversee Client's functional and technical reviews, as well as any government permitting agency reviews. Ensure that corrections and clarifications are made if required.

3. Construction Letting, Bidding, and Award Phase:

  1. Compile selected list of bidders with Client.
  2. Compile and issue addenda, if necessary.
  3. Tabulate bid results and participate in contract bid negotiations.
  4. Assist Client in the preparation of the construction contract.

4. Construction Engineering/Management Phase:

  1. Interpret the intent of contract drawings and specifications for the Client, General Contractor, Construction Inspectors, and the other interested parties.
  2. Track and respond to Requests for Information from the Contractor.
  3. Schedule and attend job meetings.
  4. Prepare and distribute a schedule of anticipated shop drawings and samples.
  5. Schedule personnel for job visits, when appropriate; coordinate field visits of construction representatives.
  6. Review all requests for modifications of the contract drawings and specifications, whether initiated by Client or Contractors.
  7. Consult with the Client (and project Architect) and LYON Design Chief on all modifications and design changes.
  8. Coordinate the preparation of change drawings, as required.
  9. Review and approve all change estimates; prepare and sign all change orders.
  10. Review and approve all Contractor monthly requisitions for payment, including requisitions for final payment.
  11. Inform the Client and LYON Design Chief of status of construction.
  12. Arrange for appropriate personnel to perform final inspection and prepare punch list
  13. Oversee the preparation and distribution of Client's operation and maintenance manuals and record drawings, as required.
  14. Collect all warranties, guarantees, and other specification close-out requirements.
  15. Prepare certificate of substantial completion.
  16. Prepare a project summary and critique.
  17. Return to meet with Client in approximately one year following occupancy for project evaluation.

B. Financial Management Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze Client's scope of work and prepare project fee proposal. Coordinate with LYON-Design staff to review the scope of work and provide their input on design fee.
  2. Negotiate fee with Client and prepare contract documents for Client and LYON management to sign.
  3. Develop financial tracking subtasks and fee breakdown for input into LYON's financial accounting system.
  4. Coordinate with Client for advance billing format to ensure first invoice is submitted in proper format to facilitate quick payment by Client.
  5. Review project specific timesheets of LYON staff charging time to the project and provide feedback to LYON-Design staff to prevent cost overruns.
  6. Review all LYON invoices for the project for accuracy and completeness.
  7. Track project schedule and budget to ensure progress payments are submitted on a regular and timely basis.
  8. Coordinate with the LYON Design Chief on any concerns about cost overruns and design changes that could impact the project budget or schedule.
  9. Review and coordinate all invoices submitted by Sub-consultants and Vendors.
  10. Track Client payments and coordinate with LYON Accounting to follow up on late payments. Personally contact Clients when payment has not been received after 90 days.
  11. Review monthly Project Profitability Reports to ensure project costs are controlled and discuss with LYON Design Chief when issues arise.
  12. Critique completed projects to determine whether design fee assumptions were correct to ensure the project's profitability goals were achieved.

C. Business Development Responsibilities:

  1. Represent LYON well with existing Clients and complete work that exceeds our Clients' expectations so they are more likely to hire us again in future work.
  2. Maintain membership in professional associations.
  3. Attend professional development events to stay current on industry trends and developments.
  4. Assist LYON Marketing staff in preparing and reviewing annual Statements of Qualification and design proposals used by Clients to hire design consultants.
  5. Attend capability briefings to potential clients to showcase LYON's experience in past projects.
  6. Participate in non-work related events that demonstrate LYON's commitment to serve the community.
  7. Attend industry training events to stay current on the latest technologies such as Stormwater and Erosion Control Best Management Practices.

D. Qualifications:

  1. Licenses & Certifications:
    1. Active Registered Professional Engineer in State of Hawaii
    2. Certified Construction Manager (CCM) for Construction Manager position
    3. Active Project Management Professional (PMP) certification (desirable)
  2. Experience:
    1. 10 Years in the design or construction industry, 5 of those years as a project manager
    2. (provide references and contact information)
  3. Specialized Training:
    1. Federal Aviation Administration Quality Assurance experience for Airfield Construction Management position

LYON is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a diverse and unique work environment conducive to professional and personal growth, a comprehensive benefits package and contemporary workplace policies. Compensation is based on experience.



A Senior Airport Construction Inspector under general supervision conducts field inspections of airport projects including construction of pavements, lighting, signage, markings, grading, drainage, security fencing, buildings, and other related airport construction work. This position requires knowledge of civil engineering and airport construction work, FAA and State of Hawaii standards and experience working in an airfield environment.

Basic Tasks

Interprets and integrates plans, details and specifications to confirm compliance with the contract documents

  1. Assists in change order documentation
  2. Assists with measurement of payment quantities
  3. Assists quality control monitoring and quality assurance acceptance testing
  4. Assists to coordinate airfield safety, phasing and operational issues
  5. Assists to provide responses to contractor's requests for clarifications.
  6. Prepare daily inspector's reports to include the following:
    1. Weather conditions
    2. Construction activities (including notations on the precise location of the work and the general and subcontractor staff onsite)
    3. Difficulties encountered
    4. Controversial matters (disputes, questionable items, etc.)
    5. Deficiencies and violations (construction, construction site runoff, safety, labor, etc.)
    6. Instructions given and received
    7. Progress information (report all delays, action taken, etc.)
    8. Equipment (active and idle)
    9. Record tests and results
    10. Key photos.

Education and Training Requirements

  1. At least 2 year college degree (4 year degree in engineer or construction management preferred)
  2. At least 10 years related construction inspection work experience
  3. Knowledge of Engineering disciplines like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.
  4. Prefer airport construction experience

Skills and Competency Requirements

  1. Knowledge in use of spreadsheets, database, word processing and selected job specific software.
  2. Ability to keep clear and accurate records and reports.
  3. Good Communication skills
  4. Driver's license and ability to obtain airport drivers permit
  5. Ability to work in an airport construction environment
  6. Ability to read, understand and use construction plans and specifications


LYON's International group is seeking to expand its highways engineering personnel. Ideal candidates will have engineer and/or construction management degree and professional registration / certifications. At least 15 years international civil engineering experience, with a focus on highways, asphalt concrete construction, team leadership, program management. Candidates with the ability to travel abroad for extended periods of time for assignments, and are qualified for various foreign visa requirements will be highly considered.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Engineering degree from accredited college/university.
  2. Minimum 15 years of professional civil engineering / team leader experience.
  3. AutoCAD experience.
  4. Proficient technical, oral and written communication skills.
  5. PE license preferred.

Please submit resume and letter of interest that addresses the requirements above to: jobs@LYON.Us.Com with the following positions: Environmental Scientist, Project Manager, Sr. Construction Inspector or Highways Engineering in the subject line.


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